Saturday, 18 February 2017

Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight Very eye opening facts about food

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight’ is considered as a path-breaking book by many as it which has helped them to lose weight without giving up on food or without leading them to periods of crash diet and bad health.
A celebrity fitness expert to whom many Bollywood actors and actresses owe their great shape and health, Rujuta Diwekar speaks to the readers in clear and simple words how a person can eat anything s/he feels like and yet remain healthy, maintaining a good shape. As a leading nutritionist, Diwekar is against the idea of any crash diet that looms over carb-starvation, needless food cravings and other similar things which ultimately lead to a food deprived body.
The book guides the readers through certain simple steps to an ideal way of dieting or maintaining a healthy and proper diet. It helps the user understand their own respective bodies and likewise helps them plan their own diet according to the bodies requirements.
Since she is the celebrity dietician behind many leading Bollywood actors, Ms Diwekar often cites the case of Kareena Kapoor about how she was able to attain the size zero for the successful film Tashan. Her book shows how one can indulge in their favourite foods yet manage to shed calories at the same time.
 Excellent book which will demistify lots of myth about dieting. For anyone who has been trying various diets and not been able to loose weight I would strongly recommend this book. It will help you to love your food rather than being paranoid after eating a gulab jamun This book focuses on life long positive change to good eating and healthy lifestyle.
  Buy this book and more importantly read it and most importantly practice! Health & well being guaranteed - weight loss and toned looks are natural consequences.

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